Today I Learned...

  • Staying mentally and physically active is essential at any age to prevent health issues and ensure a fulfilling retirement.
  • Pursuing one's passions, even after retirement, can lead to a purposeful and impactful life.
  • Premalata's story inspires us to continue learning, explore new interests, and actively engage with the world, proving there's no age limit to starting something meaningful.

eet Premlata, a 67-year-old multifaceted woman entrepreneur from Kolkata whose inspiring journey spans various fields, exemplifies the belief that age is no barrier to staying active, engaged, and impactful in society. 

With an MBA and a diploma in French, her entrepreneurial journey began early on in life with a career in education. She started by teaching students French. This initial foray into education laid the foundation for her future endeavors. "I came from a very orthodox background, so my family wouldn't consider me going out to work. Hence, initially, I started by teaching and then going to schools on behalf of Johnson and Johnson and giving audiovisual presentations in most schools of Kolkata and Darjeeling," recalls Premlata H. on her path to entrepreneurship. 

Soon, she transitioned to freelancing in the travel industry, leveraging her connections to secure bookings. Encouraged by connections in the industry, Premlata launched her agency focused on hotel bookings. "I decided to start my travel agency in the late 80s, and I focused on corporate conferences. I used to have clients like Larson and Toubro, ITC, and Camlin," she shares. Through excellent service to clients spanning diverse industries, her business grew steadily. "I ensured everything was perfectly organized, whether for small groups or big conferences," Premlata notes. She even opened a branch office in Durgapur where the steel companies were her main clients., which meant being in Durgapur for two days every week. However, during the 2000s, the dotcom boom years, unethical dealings by some operators posed a challenge. "Tour operators would give advances then not pay or bounce cheques, leading to debt," she reflects. But Premlata's persevering spirit endured setbacks. "I still filed cases against fraudsters myself and got one man arrested," she proudly states. 

This resilience opened new chapters as Premlata transitioned to academic writing, spirituality, and sharing wisdom, "It was sort of a turning point for me. Under the aegis of my Guru, Sri Muralidharanji, I saw phenomenal changes in myself, including how I perceived the world. I owe every bit of my transformation to my revered Guru. I went on to develop a website for him and managed it. developed by me and maintained by me as well I also started editing spiritual books and getting them published for my Guru."

It was during the lockdowns when Premlata's curiosity led inward once more. "For the last three or four years, I started researching hand mudras, which I was interested in for quite some time. I read a lot of books and online to understand mudras. Finally, I did a course to structure my own," says Premlata. Sharpening her skills, she began "regularly doing paid courses every month" to help others. Today, she guides numerous people through video consultations, "I've given a presentation at the Rotary Club, and I have another presentation coming up at the Lions Club along with other organizations that are online," she shares.

Her online mudra course has also opened doors for many seeking relief. "I have people from all over the world join my course." Interacting with students online ensures they practice correctly, and the impacts of their practice have been profound. "A lady had severe knee pain for over ten years. With dedication, her pain is now gone,". Another benefit of practicing hand mudras is that you don't have to sit down and meditate. It is far better if one does, but it's optional, making it easy to practice daily. "Do it while walking, while lying down, while talking, while watching TV, utilize that time. If you're traveling or not driving yourself, you can hold your mudras at that time, too," says Premlata. She continues, "So for people who do not have any disease, we suggest five mudras, which you can do during the day at any time, and that will maintain your health. And then we have mudras for all sorts of diseases, including constipation, UTI, dementia, or joint problems. "

What inspires Premlata to remain so active? "Right from my younger days, I never believed in following a standard routine. COVID came at a time when I started focusing on learning something new. And that's how I got into hand mudras," Premlata recalls. Her family also encourages expanding knowledge. "My son and daughter-in-law motivated me to start online. I initially wanted to keep my practice small, but they encouraged me and helped set up my website," she says. Though initially hesitant, Premlata finds fulfillment in teaching more people. She prioritizes wellness daily with "meditation, morning walk, and yoga." 

In advising those seeking active aging guidance, Premlata emphasizes the importance of mental and physical engagement. "If your mind has always been active, you can prevent issues like Alzheimer's," she notes. Whether nurturing interests, pursuing new skills, or embracing community, constant engagement nourishes minds and bodies across every phase. For youth, her message resonates: "Take care of yourself when young, so you're not a burden to yourself or those around you, as you age," Premlata quotes. When talking about lifelong learning and active aging, Premlata stands as an inspiration. Her words echo what we at GetSetUp work towards -  fostering a community of continuous growth, shared experiences, and compassionate support.

While her story continues to serve as a reminder that staying active, both physically and mentally, is a cornerstone of a fulfilling and healthy life, we look forward to seeing you in Premlata's exclusive Hand Mudras sessions on  GetSetUp this September from the 18th to 22nd.To book your spot, click here.

September 12, 2023