Today I Learned...

  • Varsha rediscovered her love of dance after retiring at age 61 and earned a diploma too! Her story shows we're never too old to learn something new.
  • Through connections with fellow dancers, mentors, and the vibrant GetSetUp family, Varsha found a supporting community that helped rekindle her joy in dance.
  • Stepping outside her comfort zone, whether facing cameras or advancing dance skills, Varsha inspires Lifelong Learning.

arsha V's story is an inspiring reminder that one is never too old to chase their dreams.  After spending 40 years working for Bank of Baroda and raising her family, Varsha found herself at a crossroads upon retiring."I was used to structure and suddenly had so much time," she reflects. 

That's when she discovered GetSetUp.  "I met Navanita P, a GetSetUp Guide, who suggested I join their program. I felt really happy after joining because everyone was so nice and friendly."

Right away, Varsha was drawn to the dance classes. “I even completed my Bharatnatyam Diploma at the age of 61, in October 2021. Despite being sick and having my daughter's engagement to plan, dancing made me feel like a different person. During my working years, I took part in many events and won several awards. My passion for dance keeps me going, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.” 

GetSetUp classes reignited her confidence to perform by challenging comfort zones. "I had to face the camera and talk, something I hadn't done, and I also get the opportunity to show my talent," she shares. And show her talent she did! “ Under the guidance of Guide Navanita, Varsha regained her confidence in performing,"She doesn't waste time and helps us until moves are perfect. All the guides, including her, come up with dance steps that work well for older adults. If younger guides taught, it might not be as easy for everyone to learn. Today, I proudly stand up and perform in front of a camera, even sharing it on social media for everyone to see. Online classes really helped me with this,” she shares. The newfound confidence also led Varsha to audition for Dance India Dance Super Moms audition in May 2022, where she moved to the 2nd round but not further since they were looking for younger participants. Though the opportunity progressed no farther, participation itself she shared made her so proud.

Through GetSetUp, not only did Varsha  rediscover her passion for dance but also found a supportive community, "I am in touch with all the dancers who attend sessions with me," she shares. Through practices and seeing everyone in sessions every day, strong bonds of friendship developed. She also shares how she loves seeing her peers like Meena, who “was not a dancer but is now so confident," blossom in ability and confidence. Their journeys motivate each other. “Amongst the instructors, Guide Navanita and Guide Rupa are the ones with whom I interact the most,” she adds.

Varsha shares how GetSetUp has fostered relationships and helped her socialize with  "such a vibrant community" one she enjoys wholeheartedly, “I was sick once, and was instructed to rest for fast recovery but I rather engaged into dancing and trust me, I recovered really fast. Even there are times when I plan on you know, choreographing dance on a particular song and the next day I will find that a Guide is teaching us dance steps on the same song. Dance is my passion now and I cant thank GetSetUp enough for making me a part of the community.” 

Through her journey at GetSetUp, Varsha has shown herself to embody the spirit of a Lifelong Learner. Despite decades dedicated to her career and family responsibilities, she embraced new challenges with vibrant curiosity along with pursuing certifications later in life, proving one's growth journey holds no end.

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September 22, 2023